Our Story

Meet Sara Frenza, a published fitness model and writer, nutrition and body transformation coach, and the owner of Sara Frenza Fitness and Nutrition.  She went from avoiding mirrors to a published fitness model in her 40’s.

After gaining over 40 lbs., with each of her pregnancies, she tried multiple diets and programs desperate to find a solution to build a body I felt good about.

She finally found a sustainable way to lose over 50 lbs., change her body composition and learned how to keep the weight off forever.

Now, she and her team helps women achieve their dream bodies through her 1:1 coaching program, focusing on the exclusive Restore, Lean out, and Sustain body transformation protocol.

With a passion for empowering women, Sara has been published in top fitness and lifestyle magazines and graced the covers multiple times. 

Her journey from avoiding mirrors to becoming a fitness model in her 40s serves as an inspiration to women worldwide.

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